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Over the past 70 years, our family-owned business has put together a few "best-practices" to assist you as you begin the process of ordering parts for your outdoor power equipment or small engine.

Tip #1

Your equipment model number and serial number AND your engine's model number and serial number. are required for accurate parts look-up.  Without this information, a fair amount of  "educated guessing" will need to be done in order to match your equipment up with the correct parts.  Serial numbers and model numbers can be tricky to find once the equipment has been used (and is dirty) so it's a great idea to snap a photo, or record this important information in your owner's manual as soon as you purchase the equipment.  A good outdoor power equipment dealer will register your equipment for you, so don't be afraid to reach out & ask for this information from the dealer who sold you your equipment.  At Schmidt Implement, our equipment archives are quite exhaustive.  Just let us know that you're a returning customer & we'll happily pull up your information!

Tip #2

Auto parts DO NOT meet the same exacting specifications as those made by your small engine or equipment's original equipment manufactures.  For example, belts designed for an automobile do not "wear" the same as those that are designed for your mower deck.  

Tip #3

Beware shade tree mechanics.  In our experience, customers who rely on authorized dealers & mechanics for equipment repair are money-ahead of those who allow a well-intentioned acquaintance to  equipment repair.  More often than not, we have found that the acquaintance is able to take the equipment apart, but rarely able to accurately diagnose the underlying issue.   Throwing money at  unnecessary parts can quickly become far more expensive than investing in an authorized  repair.  




Model Numbers & Serial Numbers

for your Equipment AND Engine

with all parts inquiries

If you purchased your equipment from Schmidt Implement, just let us know you're a returning customer.  We have your equipment & engine information on file.

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